• Beginning April 15, 2019, AMS will require all students to keep their personal electronic devices (cell phones, electronics with internet or wireless access, gaming devices) secured and hidden in their backpack, rolling bag, bookbag, or purse. Cell phones (excluding smartwatches) may not be on a student's person -- in their pocket, hoodie, or jacket. Cell phones (excluding smartwatches) that are visible in pockets, hoodies, or jackets will be collected & stored in the office, then returned to the student at dismissal.


    Students may still use cell phones for instructional purposes only with adult permission and supervision. Following the instructional activity, students will be instructed to secure and hide their devices in a backpack, bag, or purse.


    The reason for this change is two main reasons: (1) distractions that cellular devices pose to our students in the classroom in an age of texts, emails, gaming, social media, and app notifications. (2) Increase in aggression, name-calling (sexual, racial), confrontations, and rumors/drama stemming from inappropriate and immature use of cellular devices.


    AMS will still ensure parent communication with their child through traditional means: contacting the school by phone. We will deliver a message to your child. If you reach our voicemail, please understand we are with students, parents, and staff members -- our customers -- often, so leave a message or voicemail as our office staff checks their messages regularly.


    Please watch the video for more information.


    If you have concerns please contact Mr. Koehler at 281-641-4601 or Karl.Koehler@humbleisd.net.   

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