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    Tutoring will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-2:55pm


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  • Mrs. Yinka Boudreaux

    9th Grade

    English I / Pre-AP English I

    Room 2309 





  • lang

    “Every child deserves a champion, an adult who insists that they become the very best they can possibly be.”  -Rita Pierson

    7 is the number of perfection right? My name is Yinka Boudreaux and I invite you to join me this year as I strive for the truly unattainable- perfection. Lol. I’ve taught for 6 full years. 5 of those were high school and I had 1 interesting year of middle school that we won’t dwell on (middle school teachers, y’all are saints). I’ve spent most of my time teaching 10th grade. I had one year of hybrid 9th and 10th and now this is year 2 of just 9th grade! Whew! I love all things high school! I couldn’t imagine teaching anything else. 

    If I had a teacher hill I’d be willing to die on, it would be relationships. Say it with me, “relationships, relationships, relationships!” How can you teach a kid if you can’t reach them? As a teacher, I strive to build authentic relationships with my kids (yes, once you’ve had Mrs. Boudreaux you are my kid for life)! Find a kid’s heart and they’re yours. My classroom is a place where each student feels safe, loved and valued. 

    Couple relationships with lessons that matter and you can create magic. I work really hard to make lessons that are engaging, tangible and interesting. If im bored, how can I expect my kids to get anything out of what I’m saying? I’m not opposed to reading the room and changing direction with a quickness. 

    Will all of my kids leave loving English? Nope, but I do hope that they’ll leave loving something about English. Welcome to Mrs. Boudreaux’s Class, where Lang is Lit