• Hello students and parents, my name is Mr. Davies and I'm the K-4 Science Lab Teacher at Lakeland. This is my second year at Lakeland, last year I was the computer teacher. I'm really excited for this year and I hope all of my students are too! 

     About me: I am a 2016 gradaute of Texas A&M Whoop! I love college football, the Astros and the Texans.

     My room is 102 and my email is liam.davies@humbleisd.net feel free to email me any questions.



    Hello parents and students, below are some links and websites that you can visit and do with your children. 

    National Geographic for Kids: There are videos about animals that are interesting, in science lab we were just learning about living and nonliving things. So it would be helpful for your children to see some real life examples. There are also fun science experiements that you can do at home. URL is below


    YouTube: There are many more science experiments that you can find on YouTube. One channel I would recommend is "Wild Kratts". It is a cartoon but they teach kids about real animals and facts.

    YouTube>Wild Kratts>Any video

    ScienceFun.org: This is a cool website that you can learn how to do fun do-it-yourself science experiments at home.