• Insperity Observatory

    Humble ISD Insperity Observatory  

    The primary role of the Insperity Observatory is to serve as an educational resource for the students of Humble ISD. Humble ISD classes are able to visit the Insperity Observatory and learn about astronomy. This includes High School Astronomy Classes, Middle School Groups, and Elementary School Groups. The Observatory also supports the students of Lone Star College at the Mongtomery, North Harris and Kingwood campuses.

    Humble ISD Insperity Observatory

    Humble has changed administration buildings over the years.  When the district was much smaller, it used rooms inside a campus for administration of the district.  As the district grew, it became necessary to use buildings dedicated solely to the administraiton of the school district.

    Humble ISD Insperity Observatory

    The Observatory also engages in Public Outreach, Special Events, and Outreach for Special Groups.

    Planning for the observatory began in October 2003.  A proposal for the creation of the observatory was submitted to the Humble ISD Education Foundation as a part of their Challenge Your Dreams Grant. The proposal was accepted by the foundation in March 2004.

    The Humble ISD Education Foundation raised funds for the project, and construction began in February 2008. The observatory was built from corporate donations and an Humble ISD employee fundraising campaign

    First Light was January 2009 with the 16-inch Meade LX-200. The Observatory opened in June 2009. The Observatory has a retractable roof, and cost about $550,000 to build. 

    • A 20-inch CDK Telescope was added in September 2009
    • A Spectroscope was purchased in January 2017
    • A 6-inch Takahashu Telescope was added in April 2017

    Dr. Aaron Clevenson is the Director of the Insperity Observatory. The observatory is operated using donations.

    The Insperity Observatory is located at 2505 S Houston Ave, Humble, TX, on the campus of Jack M. Fields, Sr. Elementary School in Humble ISD.