• Toni Goss



    Email: Toni.Goss@humbleisd.net

    Room: 308

    Subject: Fine Arts/Art


    1st period- 8:30- 9:21 - Intermediate Art
    2nd period- 9:25-10:16 - Intermediate Art
    3rd period- 10:20-11:15 -Beginning Art
    4th period- conference
    5th period- 1:23-2:14 - Beginning Art
    6th period- 2:14-3:05 - Beginning Art
    7th period- 3:09-4:00 - Beginning Art
    There is a $25 art fee with Beginning and Intermediate Art classes.  Below is the link that can be used to pay for the fee with a Debit/Credit card.



    Tutoring:    Tutoring is every Tuesday for students who aren't passing, missing work, or competition work. 

Mrs. Goss