• Andre Perkins
    Physical Education Teacher
    Room 1505
    Email: Andre.Perkins@humbleisd.net
    Phone: 281-641-3709


    Please remember to wear tennis shoes on PE days.
    -Shoes must cover the foot and heel completely
    -Shoes CANNOT have ANY heel elevation
    -Shoes must have a rubber sole
    All students will wash hands before and after PE class.
    Please bring a water bottle (water only) with a lid, and have it labeled with student's name.
    Personal Hygiene Reminders:
    #1 Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
    #2 Don't touch your face.
    #3 Cough or sneeze in your arm.
    Physical Education Quote:

    All Elementary school aged children will participate in a physical education program that will increase physical competence, health related fitness, and self responsibility so that they can establish physical activity as a natural part of everyday life.



    Our purpose, in partnership with families and community, is to develop each child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially so that all students are life-long learners, complex thinkers, responsible global citizens and effective communicators.


Coach Perkins

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