• Tyler Hardy- Croskey

     Hello! My name is Mr. Hardy-Croskey (Mr.HC), I went to Sam Houston State University and earned my bachelors in History with a minor in Geography! I am an Humble ISD alumni who graduated from Kingwood Park High School. This is my third year teaching at West Lake and I am proud to be a Wolf! I love to travel and have been to nine different countries! I went to school in Thailand to study the geography of SouthEast Asia which helped me learn about a multitude of incredible cultures. I am also the coordinator for the 8th grade history trip to the Eastern Seaboard. 

    Phone Number: 281-641-5921

    Room #: D111


    1st U.S. History Pre-AP
    2nd U.S. History Pre-AP 
    3rd Conference Period
    4th U.S. History 
    5th U.S. History Pre-AP
    6th U.S. History Pre-AP
    7th U.S. History Pre-AP
    By Appointment

Tyler Hardy-Croskey
  • 8th Grade US History 

    Email: thardyc@humbleisd.net

    Phone: 281-641-5921