• Grading Procedures for Fall Creek Elementary

    General Guidelines
    ● Reading, Writing, and Math will have a minimum of 9 to 10 grades per 9 weeks.
    ● Spelling will now be included in Language Arts.
    ● Science and Social Studies will have a minimum of 6 grades per 9 weeks.
    ● Projects:
    o Students will be given adequate time, rubrics, and classroom support for projects.
    o Project information will be communicated through teacher website and through
    teacher’s preferred method of communication.

    Late Work
    ● Ten points will be taken off for late work including projects (highest grade can only be a 90
    percent). See page 74 of the handbook.
    ● Leave a blank space for a missing grade until it is turned in.
    ● If a student fails a test or quiz, they will be retaught, reassessed, and receive an average of the 2
    grades as appropriate to grade level and assignment.
    ● Students will have an opportunity to retest a minimum of at least one time for tests and quizzes.
    ● Documentation of re-teaching:
    o Due to re-teaching, the final grade will not always match the student’s performance on
    summative assessments such as STAAR. For this reason, if a grade reflects re-teaching,
    there will be documentation including the level of support in the “notes” section in HAC.