• Laura Hansen BA,MEd



    Room 2104


    Welcome to AP U.S. History (APUSH) and U.S. History. I'm so happy to have you in my class and share my love of History with you! 


    APUSH/U.S. History Supplies List:

    • Spiral Notebook 

    • Pencils/Pens/Highlighters


    AMSCO Book

    2021-2022 School Year we will be using the AMSCO Book.  You will need a copy.  It is aligned with the current AP curriculum, has practice questions, writing, etc.  At the end of the year, you can donate it to the school, pass it on to a family member, or sell it to an incoming Junior.  The 2020 edition is currently $24.99 on Amazon.  

    AMSCO 2020- $25 on Amazon



    1st Period: APUSH

    2nd Period: APUSH

    3rd Period: U.S. History

    4th Period: Conference

    5th Period: APUSH

    6th Period: APUSH

    7th Period: U.S. History


    Hansen Mustang Hour Schedule:  Wednesday/Thursday tutoring both blocks

    Morning Tutoring: Monday- Friday: 6:50-7:15

    After School Tutoring by request


Laura Hansen