• KHS Daily Announcements, August 19


    The "Mustang Word of the Week" for the week of August 19th is “Goals".

    Dreams don’t come true, goals do.


    Students - Beginning today, you must be in dress code, wearing your student ID around your neck, and on time to class! We will begin issuing infractions today, so make sure you are in compliance with the policies and procedures that were discussed in class assemblies! 


    The Philosophy Club will meet in room 2108, Mr. Ballay's room, on Thursdays during A block of lunch. Everyone is welcome!


    Are you interested in fun opportunities to serve your school and community? Come join Key Club! Tuesday, A block lunch, in room 2410.


    Service Learning Club meets today during A block of lunch in room 4415. 


    French Club meets Tuesday, "B" block in room 4302.  We are open to everyone. See you tomorrow!


    Come listen to Daniel Alexander PROVE that 3 = 0.  Really!  Thursday in LGI 4310 during A lunch.


    African-American Teen Leaders meet today in room 4111 Mr. Conley's room.  This will be our first meeting of the year.  We have former heavyweight champion George Forman coming to speak in October and WNBA 3 time champion speaking later in the year.


    On Friday in room 4111 Teen Age Republicans will meet.  We have a guest speaker next week to talk about the Constitution and TurningPoint USA.