• Dear Students and Parents,

    This year we are very excited about the upcoming leadership opportunities that will be available for our students. Student Council is an organization that promotes citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and school spirit as it fosters the development of the future leaders of our schools, cities, and country. Our leadership team also supports service learning as projects planned to benefit students, teachers, and the community. Our returning members have been assigned officer positions.

    The incoming student council will be open to third, fourth, and fifth graders. Each grade level will have chosen representatives. Our members are considered leaders meaning they must be represent role model qualities and characteristics. Our campus has established the following criteria for a student’s eligibility.

    StuCo representatives must maintain grades of A’s and B’s. Our members are occasionally required to miss class for our activities or projects. The students must be in good standing academically in order to do so.

    Behavior is of the utmost importance for our members. We want students who exhibit the very best citizenship to represent our campus. Any student with less than an S in conduct will not be eligible.

    Students must have a habit of always completing class work because they will be expected to complete student council assignments as well.

    Attendance and Punctuality
    Any representative must have few absences and well as tardies. The majority of our meetings will take place at 7:00 a.m. and the members will be required to be on time and attentive.

    Students will NOT​ be required to make posters or give speeches this year. Each student who wishes to be considered for joining student council will need to fill out a self-evaluation, parent permission form and submit a video stating why they would make a great StuCo member. We will also have their teachers fill out an evaluation form. Our representatives will then be chosen based on matching the criteria listed above as well as feedback from our officers and their teachers.

    All forms and submissions are to be turned in to one of the sponsors, NO LATER THAN​, Wednesday, October 10th. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Thank You,

    Student Council Sponsors

    Andrea Maddox, Stephanie Majalca, Amy Woodesheck