• Item Drop Off Policy

    As you know, it is our top priority to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and guests.  We now have an enclosed lobby that will secure the front entrance front the rest of the campus.  Follow us on Twitter @HumbleISD_TMS to see the security improvements.

    Due to the new district-wide security measures, TMS has a new drop off policy.  Anyone arriving to drop off items (lunches, binders, clothing, etc.) must be listed on the student's emergency contact list in Home Access.  They will be required to present a photo ID and they will take the item to be dropped off to the grade-level office.  To ensure student safety, students are not allowed to enter the secure lobby to retrieve items being dropped off.

    TMS will not be accepting lunches for students from outside vendors, even if a parent orders the lunch, since those making the delivery are not listed on the emergency contact lists for our students.  Examples are: Door Dash, Panera, or any other delivery service.

    In order to limit disruption to instruction time, notifications will not be sent throughout the day to classes for any items dropped off.  Lunches may be dropped off anytime up to the student's lunch period.  If an item (other than a lunch) is dropped off prior to 11:00am, a pass will be given to the student during lunch notifying them that something is waiting for them in the grade level office.  Any items (other than a lunch) dropped off after 11:00am, or not picked up during the lunch period, will have a notification sent to the student during the last ten minutes of the school day and the student may pick up their item after dismissal.  The students are always welcome to check the grade level office between classes, or before/after school to pick up what was left for them.