• Mr. David Barclay Caldwell (DC)

    email: dcaldwe@humbleisd.net

    Room: 310

    phone: 281-641-6054


  • Dear parents, guardians…and of course, our budding young actors:

    Well, I hope everyone out there is safe and ok. These are very unusual times, and I know that there are new challenges ahead. However, as we say in Theater..."The Show Must Go On!"

    That Texan spirit that I have come to know, and love can take on any challenge and come out winning at the other end. 

    Now, as we will be teaching remotely, all classes will be done through Google Classroom. I’ve already put some work for us to do but more will be on it’s way including…

    The Make Up & Costume Challenge: Finding things around the house to make a costume with.

    Shadow Theater & Toy Theater: How to make a theater from things we can find around the house.

    Shakespeare in the Park: Performances of our favorite Shakespeare characters from the garden or local park.

    And many more… Watch this space!

    Each class has an individual code which I have put below. Each day, I'll be putting up lessons, videos, and activities that will not only entertain us, but hopefully help entertain our families too. 

    Incidentally, legend has it that William Shakespeare himself had to self-isolate, when he was hiding from the black plague, and when he did, he still managed to write "King Lear".

    And… he didn't have Google Classroom or even a computer. All he had was some parchment paper, some ink and a few goose feathers! How cool is that? 

    Theater 1 & 2 Mr. Caldwell Room 310 Google Classroom Codes

    Theater 2: 1st Period: Google Classroom Code: ybdebiq

    Theater 2: 2nd Period: Google Classroom Code: b6zasnc

    Theater 2: 4th Period: Google Classroom Code: 6zhmwz6

    Theater 1: 3rd Period: Google Classroom Code: ggzdtpz

    Theater 1: 5th Period: Google Classroom Code: upzk7fi

    Theater 1: 6th Period: Google Classroom Code: 6qa2365

    Theater 1: 8th Period: Google Classroom Code: hcaegui

     See you all...ONLINE!!!!

Me as Superman's arch enemy Lex Luthor. Yes... I actually did shave my head for this role! No... I don't really smoke!

    Theater 1


    A Midsummer Night's Dream: Watch & Multiple Choice Questions

    Making a Donkey Mask (Bottom from A Mid Summer Night's Dream)

    Shadow and Puppet Theater

    Monologue Performance

    Make & Costume Challenge 

    Theater 2


    A Midsummer Night's Dream: Watch and Analyze 

    Shakespeare in the Park

    Writing a play 

    Remote Radio Drama

    Make Up & Costume Challenge











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