• Ms. Brown

    I have posted this week's assignment under the "Homework Assignments" tab and sent an email with the same information.  We will continue using Google Classroom to communicate and to complete and submit assignments.  The TMS homepage has a video to show you how to access Google Classroom from home, in case you’ve forgotten.  Once in Google Classroom, you should see your RELA class period.  Click on that and look for assignments in the feed. Please check Google Classroom regularly. 

    Google Classroom codes:

    Google Classroom codes:

    1st period- xo61whi

    2nd period- lssad3a

    3rd period- nza66lu

    4th period- wf5fxzz

    6th period- xbypzsb

    7th period- q74p5w4


    There is a link for a virtual tour of how to use Google Classroom on the main TMS web page