• Raymond Lucier

    Hello Students and Parents,

    I want to start this off by saying welcome back to Chemistry!

    I know you were scared thinking “oh no! I am going to miss my favorite class and my favorite teacher Mr. Lucier! What am I to do?” However, do not worry; I’ve got you covered for all your chemistry needs. I don't want you to forget what you have learned and maybe you can learn a few new things. I know you got use to Mr. Lucier’s super duper chemistry class, but now that things have changed, I am excited to announce the new and improved Mr. Lucier’s super duper…. duper online chemistry Class. 

  • We will being using Google Classroom for all of our Chemistry correspondence. Google Classroom can be accessed through your home computer, cell phone (using google classroom app), IPad (using google classroom app),  Xbox (using internet app), and PlayStation 4 (using its web browser).  Use the codes below to join your chemistry Google Classroom (Go to the period you have me and use that code).

    2nd Period:      gh4mevb

    3rd Period:       2ib4efw

    4th Period:       lefceum

    6th Period:       mqhbab3

    7th Period:       qkd6we2

    Remember once you finish an assignment on Google Classroom mark it as complete.

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Mr. Lucier

Schedule & Tutoring

  • Schedual:

    Monday: Chemistry Google Classroom

    Tuesday: Chemistry Google Classroom

    Thrusday: Chemistry Google Classroom


    Mon-Friday 8am-3pm

    If you have ANY question email me at: