• Raymond Lucier           

    Hello Students and Parents,

    I want to start this off by saying welcome to Humble High School Chemistry!

    Course Description

    Chemistry is a yearlong course that will introduce you to this fascinating field of physical science.  Chemistry is devoted to the study of matter, specifically the composition (make-up), behavior and structures of matter, including the changes that matter can undergo or experience during a reaction.  Chemistry is a broad field and is therefore a part of many branches of employment.  The sequence of units we will cover this year is listed below.

    1. Matter & Its Changes/Safety & Lab Equipment
    2. Significant Digits and Dimensional Analysis
    3. Atomic Structure & History
    4. Electromagnetic Spectrum
    5. Electron Configurations
    6. Periodic Table & Elements
    7. Ionic Bonding
    8. Covalent bonding
    9. Balancing Equations
    10. Precipitation & REDOX Reactions
    11. The Mole
    12. Stoichiometry
    13. Gases
    14. Solutions
    15. Acid and Bases
    16. Thermodynamics

    Required Class Materials:

    1. 3-Ring Binder (Either 1 or 1½ in.) filled with loose-leaf paper or Multi subject notebook with paper holders. It is your responsibility to keep up with your notes and other handouts – if you lose them, you will need to get another copy.
    2. Pens, pencils, & highlighter (enough for the year)
    3. Closed-Toe Shoes and proper lab attire on lab days. If you do not have closed-toe shoes on lab day, you will be given an alternative assignment. The teacher will let you know in advance when you will need to have them.

    Classroom policies/expectations

    • Be inside the classroom at the bell and sit down promptly. A tardy will result if you are not inside the room at the bell.
    • Warm-up is to be completed during the allotted time.
    • Be prepared!
    • All necessary materials should be taken out at the bell. Materials needed will be listed on the board.
    • Respect all members of the classroom including yourself, your classmates, and the teacher.
    • Respect all materials in the classroom including textbooks, lab equipment, tables/desks.
    • You are responsible for your own work. Cheating will NOT be tolerated. A zero will result for the individual(s) giving and receiving information.
    • Students must follow the teacher’s policy on when to use cell phones/electronic devices. Responsibility to keep the personal technology secure rests with the individual owner. Humble ISD is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus.
    • All school rules apply in this classroom.


    The Schools has scheduled tutorials to be held on Wednesdays and a late bus is provide. I am also available Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays from 3:00-4:00pm in room 3206 by appointment but student need to arrange their own transportation. 

    Online Learning Students

    Everything we are doing this year is on Schoology. You must log into schoology through Myhumble https://my.humbleisd.net/ .  If you need hlep with loging information and password resets contact your students AP for assistance. Below you will find helpful information.

    Turning in assignment:

    All assignments but be submitted into schoology for credit.

    1.  For questions that involve a google document: Copy and paste the question from the posted schoology assignment on a google doc (google doc is your work space) and when you have finished  the assignment submit it in schoology.

    Submit ---> create ---> copy paste your work ---> submit

    2.  For imbeded schoology assignment you just hit the submit botton when finished.

    Zoom Meetings:

    1.  Log into your Myhumble https://my.humbleisd.net/  

    - Click on Schoology

    - Find and click onàChemistry class

    - Click Weekly zoom meeting folder

    - Click on Period every other day meet up

    - Click on zoom link

    It is a pleasure to have you in my Chemistry class this year! My goal as your teacher is to ensure you have a positive science learning experience!   If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know either by phone, email, or in person. I am looking forward to a terrific year together!  


Mr. Lucier

Schedule & Tutoring


    Online Learning Office Hours:


    6th Period - Monday- 1:06pm   Thursday-1:17pm


    Mon-Friday 8am-3pm

    3rd Period Conference Mon-Fri 9:17-10:07am 

    Block Days: Wed 9:11-10:50am Thur No conference

    If you have ANY question email me at: