• On August 14, 2018 Humble ISD Board Approved a revised grading policy:

    • 90-100 A
    • 80-89 B
    • 70-79 C
    • Below 70 Failing


    Justification for new grading policy:

    Updating the grading scale would benefit students by bringing the District in line with current practices utilized by area school districts, the NCAA, and Lone Star College. The NCAA Eligibility Center uses a school district’s published letter grading scale to award quality points for eligibility, with a “C” receiving two quality points and a “D” receiving one quality point. Because Humble ISD currently defines a “D” as 70-74, Humble ISD students who earn numerical grades between 70-74 only earn one quality point. In comparison, a student at another school district who defines a “C” as 70-79 could make the exact same number grade as an Humble ISD student, but earn two quality points. Changing the grading scale to assign a “C” to grades 70-79 would allow Humble ISD students to compete more fairly with these students in NCAA eligibility.


    Additionally, 70-74 is considered a “C” at Lone Star College and many of the area school districts. When a student in Humble ISD is in dual credit courses and earns between a 70-74 it is submitted to Lone Star College as a “C” but is recognized as a “D” on the high school report card. Updating the grading scale would mean that the student receives the same letter grade with both Lone Star and Humble ISD for a dual-credit course.


    The proposed grading scale update will have no effect on the numerical grades awarded by teachers or the District’s high school grade point averages (GPA). The GPA for high school students uses the numerical grade to determine GPA, not the letter grade.