• Hello, and thank you for letting mr a part of the Woodcreek Community, I am excited to be a WCMS Lion!.

    I will be teaching 7th Grade Pre-AP Math and 8th Grade On Level math this year. While this is only my 7th year in teaching, I come with a width and breadth of knowledge and spend my summer breaks working towards becoming the best teacher I can be. 

    I will be hosting Google Classrooms this year to help facilitate communication between parents, students and me. My officail tutoring days are Tuesday Mornings and Wednesday afternoons. I should be available any morning except for Thursdays, and MOST afternoons. Please contact me for a tutoring pass.

    I have conference from 11:45 to 12:35 Mon, Tue, Wed and Friday, on Thursdays from 12:26-12:58. Feel free to contact me to discuss what I can do to make your child's experience in Math Class a positive one.

Mr. Lawrence