Please click on the following link to see information about videos and assignments due this week!!!
      My new zoom hours are Tuesdays at 8 AM and 12 PM, and Thursdays at 10AM.  My zoom link is in my google classroom. 


      Greg Dwyer



      I hope everyone is handling all of the turmoil as well as they can. Above all, stay safe. 

      We are proividing distance learning opportunities while the school buildings are closed, all Learning Opportunities will be done through Google Classrooms. Each Period will have their own Google Classroom and the code for each classroom will be found below. Most/all students should already be in my google classroom, but the codes are listed below, just in case you're having trouble. When signing up for the classroom make sure you use your humbleisd email.

      1st Period - etnixzy

      2nd Period - kw5rbaw

      3rd Period - 63pi7mh
      4th Period - 7ylbcga