• School year 2021 - 2022

    Ms. Jannette Rondem

    Architecture I/II & Interior Design I/II & Design Practicum

    Room #2703

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    Who's Ms. Jannette? 

    This will be my 4th year of teaching at KHS and I have come a long way; jumping many hurdles along the way and learning something new each day. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a major in Interior Design.  So when I start explaining and sharing the projects and knowledge that I learned from Texas Tech, I still get goosebumps knowing that I am sharing my passion onto my students! My background is industry based and I have had a variety of jobs where I was able to put my design skills to use.  I have many great ideas that I want to get started on... so please bring your open minds and right sides of your brains to stimulate that creativity!

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    Please reach out to me with any questions that you may have.

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Name: Jannette Rondem
  • schedule

    1st Period - Virtual: Architecture I/II

    2nd Period - Arch I/II & Design Practicum (Advanced class = double blocked)

    3rd Period - Arch I/II & Design Practicum

    4th Period - Interior Design I/II (Advanced class = double blocked)

    5th Period - Interior Design I/II

    6th Period - CONFERENCE

    7th Period - Virtual: Architecture I/II