• Dear Students and Parents - Update for Fall 2020

    I truly hope that all families are safe and taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy.  We are ALL learning new procedures daily and I truly thank you for your patience while we head further into this online status. We are also moving to a Schoology based platform, which is a whole learning curve in itself!

    As we approach the first week of instruction, I will plan to have Zoom meetings to communicate with my students. So it's IMPORTANT for you to be in attendance for the latest updates and news. At first, I will post information here on my website or send it out via email - PLEASE BE CHECKING EMAIL FREQUENTLY.  I will then fully transition to Schoology as it becomes more comfortable and known.  


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    Who's Ms. Jannette? 

    This will be my 3rd year of teaching at KHS and I seriously didn't know that I would enjoy teaching as much as I have! I graduated from Texas Tech University with a major in Interior Design.  So when I start explaining and sharing the projects and knowledge that I learned from Texas Tech, I would get goosebumps knowing that I could pass my passion onto others! My background is industry based and I have had a variety of jobs where I was able to put my design skills to use.  I have so many great ideas to share and I can't wait to get started.... whether it be virtual or in-person!!  We will get through this together, but please know there will be some mistakes, some errors and a learning curve and we'll do JUST fine!

    Please reach out to me with any questions that you may have.

    There is STILL NO fence stopping you - Mustang Pride!



Name: Jannette Rondem