Hello My Beautiful Students!

    Gosh, I’m so sad I won’t be able to teach you in person for a few weeks. The best thing about teaching is YOU (yes, 6th period, I mean you too. :)). Below is a description of how AP European History and AP World History will proceed online. I realize it is a lot of information at once, but please take the time to read through it all.

    I will be using google classroom, at least for now, as my platform to deliver lessons and for you to turn in assignments. I have also put “extra” materials, like videos to help in the remote learning process.  Below are the class codes you will need to join your particular class:

    Google Classroom Access Codes:

    1st Period AP European History – kzcbuki

    AP World History:

    2nd Period - sfiahv2

    3rd Period - ql4vcl5

    4th period – mjolfnj

    5th period – sju6f6h

    6th period – 5ffwp4a

    In getting around Google Classroom, click on “Classwork” at the top and make note of the following: you can see the week’s agenda under the “Weekly Overview” section. You can see the specific activities for a given chapter in that chapter’s section. And you can find the textbook PDFs to read under the “Textbook Chapters” section. (You can, of course, read your physical book, which you hopefully still have from checking one out early in the school year). AP European History does not have an online textbook, so hopefully you have a physical one at home. Don’t worry, at first, we will keep everything very simple.


    Moving forward, communicating with me will be centralized through 2 main methods:


    First, we will continue to use Remind, which was set up back at the beginning of school. If you need to re-join (or join for the first time), use the codes below. You can also download the app. Use Remind for any questions or concerns you have about anything at all, either a specific assignment or a general school question. 


    AP European History:

    Text this message: @79h3kkk to 81010

    AP World History:

    Text this message: @msstanleya to 81010



    Second, I will be available for video (and audio and text) chat through Zoom. Zoom is an online tool that allows for big group meetings. Log in to your My Humble and click the Zoom link. Alternatively, click the Zoom code below. Zoom will hopefully make it easy for you to log in, ask some quick questions, and log out at your convenience. (Note: Zoom is new for me, so I apologize in advance for any technical challenges). 


    To maintain consistent communication, I will have “office hours” each day where I will be completely focused on being available. See the table below. I will make every effort to be available in the Zoom video chat room, but there may be some days that does not work. I will ALWAYS, however, be available through Remind at the times below to chat. (Mr. Ballay will also be maintaining office hours, in case his times work better for you on specific days. Check his website for details).




    TUESDAY/THURSDAY Morning Session Time

    TUESDAY Afternoon Session Time

    Meeting Method




    Zoom: Please check the google classroom for link

    Chat through Remind


    Don’t forget that you can always email me. This is a challenging situation for all of us. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will do my absolute best to help. 



    Take Care,


    Mrs. Stanley




    Jenny Stanley


    (281) 641-7075

    7th Period Conference

    Tutorials - Tuesday and Friday during One Lunch (A block) also by appointment