Arrival Video

Arrival Instructions

  • Arrival

    Do not drop off students prior to 7:30 unless coming to a teacher supervised before school event.

    Use the car rider drop off in the morning. Do not drop off children in the parking lot. This is for the safety of all. You should not park in the parking lot and walk your student up to the buildling this school year.

    7:30-7:55 Morning Car Drop Off- Front of School- ONE LANE ONLY (Closest to School)

    7:55- Car Rider Assistance ends

Dismissal Video

Dismissal Instructions




    *See Dismissal Map*

    Car Rider Pick Up- Front of School- breaks into TWO LANES
    Car Rider dismissal begins at 3:20 and is completed each day at approximately 3:40. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

    Daycare and School Buses- Cafeteria Parking Lot (School- Right Lane, Daycare- Left Lane)