Mallory Mead
  • Name: Mrs. Mallory Mead

    Subject/Department: SPED/English

    Telephone Number: 281-641-7652



  • 1st: Conference

    2nd: TLD

    3rd: Co-Teach English III (Mrs. Mahan, Rm: 2604)

    4th: Co-Teach English II (Ms. Harper, Rm: 2513)

    5th: Co-Teach English II (Ms. Mahan, Rm: 2604)

    6th:  Co-Teach English II (Ms. Harper, Rm: 2513)

    7th: Girls Basketball

Learning Opportunities and Support

  • Tutorial Times will be determined by the AHS English Department and individual teachers.


    Below is the link needed to access Schoology through the MyHumble Portal. Looking forward to a great year!


Classroom Expectations

  • *On top of personal classroom expectations, the ICS Teacher will know, support, and implement the Classroom Management Plan of each individual classroom teacher.*

    1. Students will be in class on time, with materials.
    2. Students will be tolerant and respectful of peers and teachers, and will be respectful of their classroom.
    3. Students will be involved in their own learning by participating in class discussions, turning in assignments, asking questions when they do not understand, and helping others.
    4. Students will follow procedures and rules stated in the school handbook.
    5. During virtual learning, students will exhibit appropriate online digital behavior and digital citizenship.