Mallory Mead
  • Name: Mrs. Mallory Mead

    Subject/Department: English/SPED

    Room: Floater

    Telephone Number: 281-641-5652



    • 1st: Freshman Basketball
    • 2nd: English/SPED
    • 3rd: English/SPED
    • 4th: English/SPED
    • 5th: English/SPED
    • 6th: Credit Recovery
    • 7th: Conference

Tutoring Schedule

  • Monday: 6:45-7:15

    Thursday: 8:45-9:15

    *If a student plans to attend tutoring sessions, they must notify me at least (1) day in advance.*

    *Tutoring times are subject to change November-March.*

Classroom Expectations

    1. Students will be in class on time, well organized and ready to learn.
    2. Students will be nice to peers and teachers, and will be respectful of their classroom
    3. Students will listen to and follow instructions when given.
    4. Students will turn in every assignment.
    5. Students will participate in class discussions, help explain concepts to others and will ask questions when they do not understand concepts.
    6. Students will be honest with teachers, parents, and principals.
    7. Students will follow procedures and rules stated in the school handbook
    8. Students will not curse or use derogatory language in the classroom
    9. Students will not use cellphones in the classroom without permission