• Erica Concienne

    English II PAP Room 2506

    AP Seminar Room 2603


    Phone: 281. 641. 7676

    Email: econcie@humbleisd.net


Photo of Erica Concienne
  • ZOOM Meeting Schedule



    Period 1 (English II PAP) 8:00-8:20

    Period 3 (AP Seminar) 10-10:20

    Period 5 (English II PAP) 12-12:20


    Period 2 (AP Seminar) 10-10:20

    Period 6 (English II PAP) 2-2:20


    You can find Zoom meeting details (how to attend) on Google Classroom.




  • Google Classroom

    Students should access all course materials on Google Classroom-- Syllabus, Handouts, Classwork, Homework, Resources, etc.

    Student classroom codes are provided below. You must be logged into your school Google account to join the class. Parents who are interested in a weekly summary of their student's Google Classroom can send me an email and I will set that up. If you change classes for any reason, be sure to join your new class and remove the old one. Please email me if you need assistance. It is imperative that you have an operating Google Classroom account for this course. 


    Period 1 English II PAP: snq7tf

    Period 2 AP Seminar: sjtrvao

    Period 3 AP Seminar: y3if0w

    Period 5 English II PAP: 97b4y6u

    Period 6 English II PAP: 5wdww9

  • Tutorials


    English II PAP

    Before school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:45- 7:15

    After school Thursday 3:00- 3:30



    Before school 6:45-7:15 or by appointment after school 3:00-3:45