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  • World Geography includes the study of the physical and human characteristics of the Earth; the study of the various world regions; the interaction between humans and the physical environment; the use of maps and other technologies to access geographic knowledge; the study of various cultures; and the characteristics, distribution, and movement of people. The goal of this class is to become a culturally-literate citizen in a global community.

    Course Goals

    • Students will interpret maps and analyze geospatial data.
    • Students will recognize and interpret patterns and networks; access the nature and significance of spatial relationships; analyze how cultural values, political policies, and economic forces collaborate to create landscapes.
    • Students will define regions and evaluate the regionalization process.


  • Klosterboer Rules

    1. Be respectful of everyone.

    2. Do not talk when teacher is talking.

    3. Do your own work (no plagiarism).

    4. Be prepared.

    5. Wear ID and be in dress code.

    6. Turn in assignments

    7. Follow "tech usage" rules.

    8. No food or drinks in class.

    9. Clean up after yourself.

    10. Embrace the differences in everyone.

  • Class schedule

    1st period -- Conference
    2nd period -- World Geography
    3rd period -- World Geography
    4th period -- World Geography
    5th period -- World Geography
    6th period -- World Geography
    7th period -- World Geography

  • Tutorial Schedule

    Tuesday mornings 6:45-7:15 a.m.
    Thursday mornings 6:45-7:15 a.m. (Non late arrival days)
    Thursday mornings 8:45-9:19 a.m. (Late arrival days)
    Appointments are available, also.

  • Remind

    Join the "Klosterboer World Geography" classroom on Remind to keep up with important information and test/project dates.

    • Enter 81010 in text message
    • Text the following message: @klosterb


  • Contact Information

    Mrs. Jennifer Klosterboer | World Geography | Room: 2004, Gold II
    281-641-7614 | jennifer.klosterboer@humbleisd.net