Mrs. Te'o

Ms. Te'O
  • Allyson Te'o

    Phone Number: 281-641-7695

    Room Number: 2021

    Email Address:

    Classes taught: Level Biology

    Tutoring Schedule: Mornings 6:45am-7:15am / Afternoons 3:00pm-3:30pm (No morning tutorials on Thursdays due to meetings.)

Class Schedule

  • 1-Level Biology

    2-Level Biology

    3-Level Biology

    4-Level Biology

    5-Conference Period

    6-Level Biology

    7-Level Biology




Classroom Expectations

  • Class Expectations:

    1. Respect your fellow classmates, the teacher and the classroom environment. 
    2. Be responsible for your own learning.
    3. Be willing to put forth your best effort. Turn in work on time, and always do your best.
    4. Use appropriate voice levels. Do not talk when I am talking.
    5. Be on time
    6. Be in dress code (ID’s around your neck). 
    7. Be in your seat when the bell rings, following instructions provided. 
    8. Clean up after yourself and your peers.
    9. Do not ask to leave the classroom unless you have a restroom pass and teacher permission. 
    10. Keep all electronic devices in your bag unless needed for work as determined by teacher.