Catherine Ramirez

  • Geometry and Strategic Math



    1. Geometry
    2. Geometry
    3. Geometry
    4. Conference
    5. Strategic Math
    6. Strategic Math
    7. Strategic Math
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    Phone 281-641-7500

    Classroom 2404

Tutoring times

  • Tuesday    3 until 3:30

    Thursdaty 3 until 3:30


  • The basis for my classroom expectations and routines is that every student, teacher, and guest should be treated with respect and allowed to learn and teach without interference.

    1. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude.
    2. Respect each other’s and the teacher’s space and belongings.
    3. Follow the electronic device policy.
    4. Listen to and follow directions from all adults.
    5. No sleeping or eating in class. (Bottled water is acceptable.)
    6. Follow the dress code.
    7. Class materials at your desk.
    8. Backpacks and devices against the wall at the bell/timer.