• Mr. Dru Bateman

    8th Grade U.S. History

    Room #601





    Wlcome to Mr. Bateman's 8th Grade U.S. History Class


    8th Grade U.S. History Class will cover European Exploration to Reconstruction. All things taught in this class will be like jumping in a time machine and viewing people and events through fun and engaging learning. I love History and I have a passion for this particular time period so it will be fun and exciting. This is a tested subject but that will not prevent the classroom environment from being fun and exciting. It will be an exciting year and the learnig will be looking at history in a very engaging way. Let's enjoy this adventure together and have a great year filled with unforgettable learning experiences.


    Classroom Expectations:

    Be Polite

    Be Prompt

    Be On Time



    1. No Talking when teacher is talking

    2. Follow Voice Level chart

    3. No grooming, taking pictures, electronics

    4. Respect the teacher and each other

    5.No Profanity






  • Schedule:

    1st-U.S. History 

    2nd-U.S. History Pre-AP

    3rd-U.S. History Pre-AP


    5th-U.S. History Pre-AP

    6th-U.S. History 

    7th-U.S. History Pre-AP