• Mrs. Lahershe Barlow

    English 2 and English 2 Pre-IB

    Room #4014

    Phone Number: 281-641-6300


  • NoRedInk.com Classroom Codes:

    1st Period:Crowded-Sun-58

    2nd Period: Global-Frog-5

    4th Period: Green-Sheep-18

    5th Period: Patient-grain-73

    6th Period: Upbeat-Sheep-18


    Google Classroom Codes: 

    1st Period: r7ydrjh

    2nd Period: 85d5b0l

    4th Period: 7tbn5y

    5th Period: 95k3p5

    6th Period: 9awxzi 



  • I will post all class content to Google Classroom

    Each class has already accessed their Google classroom while in class this week. 

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  • I am excited to have you. Together we can accomplish great things. 



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Lahershe Barlow

Schedule and Tutoring

  • Classroom Schedule

    1. English 2

    2. English 2

    3. Conference 

    4. English 2

    5. English 2 Pre IB

    Lunch 12:01-12:28 (M,T,W.F)

    Lunch 12:13-12:43 (Thursday)

    6. English 2

    7. Planning