Class and Tutoring Schedules

  •  Class Schedule:

    1. Conference Period  
    2. T-STEM Engineering Design & Presentation (11)  
    3. T-STEM Intro to Engineering                      (09)  
    4. T-STEM Intro to Engineering                      (09)  
    5. T-STEM Principles of Applied Engineering    (10)
    6. T-STEM Engineering Design & Presentation (11)   
    7. T-STEM Principles of Applied Engineering    (10) 

    Tutoring is available from 3:45-4:30pm every Wednesday, and 3:00-4:00pm on Fridays, or by appointment.

    Your class syllabus and other resources can be accessed via your student's Schoology account. 

    I can be reached best via email and will respond within 24 hours.



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