• Kelssem Quintal
    Computer Maintenance & Networking
    CATE Center
    Room 114


          Welcome!!! I hope you have an exciting and productive school year. I have eight years of experience in different Information Technology fields; I want to share my experience and prepare you to be successful. Information technology is one of the fastest growing occupations. Every year there are new technological innovations. Every year the demand for IT professionals increases. My goal for this year is for you to feel confident and well prepared to pursue a career in information technology.

  • Computer Maintenance Syllabus

    Principles of Information Technology Syllabus

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    Technology Information Class Survey

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    Class Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    1st/2nd -  7:20am - 9:08am   - Computer Maintenance & Networking
    3rd        -  9:16am - 10:03am  - Principles of Information Technology
    4th        - 10:11am - 10:58am - Principles of Information Technology
    6th/7th   - 1:06pm - 2:49pm  - Computer Maintenance & Networking


    1st       - 7:20am - 9:04am   - Computer Maintenance & Networking
    3rd       - 9:12am - 10:50am - Principles of Information Technology
    7th       - 1:10pm - 2:49pm   - Computer Maintenance & Networking


    2nd       - 9:25am - 11:04am   - Computer Maintenance & Networking
    4th        - 11:12am - 12:46pm - Principles of Information Technology
    6th        - 1:14pm - 2:49pm     - Computer Maintenance & Networking