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    Art Website of the week:    Sand Art Creator

    * create wonderful art by dropping virtual sand in this online game called, 'This is Sand.'

    sand   This is what I created. The colors are much brighter on the website. Have fun!


    Week 1:   Mandala Creator 

    A mandala is circular. Try this site and create your own mandala design. You can choose your colors as well.

    LP mandala  *this is the Mandala I created using this website. It's really fun!

    star CHECK IT OUT: I have added a new tab, 'Famous Artist of the Week'. Take a look at it and learn something new about famous artists.

    star LET'S DO THIS! Please display your masterpieces in the windows of your home to share with those who pass by. Imagine how wonderful it would be to see such displays. Let's fill our neighborhoods with beautiful art!

    star Neighborhood Window Walk Idea:

    Week 3/17: SHAMROCKS (click to follow a short drawing video)

    Week 3/20 SILLY FACES & DOODLE FACES (click the links)

    ***This Week: Animals: UNICORN , LIZARD , HUSKY (click for video)

    window walk


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