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    6th Grade PAP & On-level


    Room 802

     Email: megan.huy@humbleisd.net





    Tuesday PM- Rodriguez in 801

    Wednesday PM- Huy in 802

    Thursday PM- Woods in 612

    *Morning appointments must be scheduled



    6th Grade Pre-AP: text @huy6preap to 81010

    6th Grade On-Level: text @huyonlevel to 81010



    Class Schedule

      1st Period- 6th Grade On-level

    2nd Period- 6th Grade Pre-AP

    3rd Period- 6th Grade Pre-AP

      4th Period- 6th Grade On-level

     5th Period- Conference Period

      6th Period- 6th Grade On-level

    7th Period- 6th Grade Pre-AP




    X: Student is exempt from the assignment. This does not count towards the average.

    0: Assignment was not turned in within two weeks of the due date.

    CHECK MARK: assignment has been received by the teacher, but has not been graded. Not calculated into the average grade.

    BLANK/Z: Assignment has not been turned in. This counts as 0. However, it can still be turned in for a late grade.