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    I have attached the syllabus discussed in class (in Helpful Documents) on my website for reference. If you have any questions regarding the syllabus or the course, please contact me.

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    Summer Creek High School

    Coach Croy

    Room 1709

    Conference time: 5th period

                              Email:  ryan.croy@humbleisd.net

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     World History is a survey of the history of humankind. The major emphasis is on the study of significant people, events, and issues from the earliest times to the present. In this course, students will

    • Evaluate the causes and effects of political and economic imperialism and of major political revolutions since the 17th century.
    • Examine the impact of geographic factors on major historic events and identify the historic origins of contemporary economic systems.
    • Analyze the process by which constitutional governments evolved as well as the ideas from historic documents that influenced that process.
    • Trace the historical development of important legal and political concepts.
    • Examine the history and impact of major religious and philosophical traditions.
    • Analyze the connections between major developments in science and technology and the growth of industrial economies


    Textbook Link: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

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                Password: novell login


    The following general topics will be discussed: Syllubus below


                8000 BC- 500 BC (Development of River Valley Civilizations)   

                                    Unit 1: RISE AND SPREAD OF EARLY CIVILIZATION              

    500 BC-AD 600 (Classical Era)



    600-1450 (Post-classical Era)                                       

                                   Unit 4: POST CLASSICAL ERA-MEDIEVAL EUROPE & BYZANTINE EMPIRE

                                    Unit 5: POST CLASSICAL ERA- TRADE, AFRICA, CHINA & MONGOLS

    1450-1750 (Connecting Hemispheres)  

                                   Unit 6: RENAISSANCE & REFORMATION

                                    Unit 7: NATIVE AMERICAN CIVILIZATIONS & THE AGE OF DISCOVERY

    1750-1914 (Age of Revolutions)                                      

                                   Unit 8: ENLIGHTENMENT & the SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION

                                    Unit 9: AGE of REVOLUTIONS

                                    Unit 10: The INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION

    1914-present  (20th Century to the Present).    

                                    Unit 11: The NEW IMPERIALISM

                                    Unit 12: WORLD WAR I AND RUSSIAN REVOLUTION

                                    Unit 13: WORLD WAR II

                                    Unit 14:  COLD WAR

                                    Unit 15: 21ST CENTURY


    Guidelines for Success

    1. Understand rather than memorize the information.
    2. Avoid getting behind. The study of World History is cumulative (like math) and becomes more difficult if you miss key concepts. Study Croy Notes. Learn the Kahoots.
    3. Stay organized and bring your notes, supplies, and a positive attitude to class every day!


    Classroom Rules

    1. Students should be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.
    2. Students will remain on-task and will be engaged in class activities during the entire class period. D-halls or AP Referrals may be assigned for behavior that is distracting or disruptive to instruction and/or to classroom activities.
    3. Sit in your assigned seat during the entire class period.
    4. Listen and don’t talk while the teacher and your classmates are speaking.
    5. Use appropriate language and conversation with in the classroom.
    6. Candy, food, and drinks are not to be consumed in the classroom.


    Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations

          Respect your classmates + Respect your teacher = Respect for yourself

    1st Time:   Warning

    2nd Time:  Meeting after class to discuss your behavior.

    3rd Time:   Phone call to Parent/Guardian.

    4th Time:   Discipline Referral.

    In the case of severe disruption (fighting, using profanity, destruction of school property, disrespect shown toward anyone)--the student will be sent to the office immediately.   



    Daily Warm Ups, Cornell Notes, Foldable, Map Making, Graphic Organizers, Document Analysis,

    Organizational Skills, Classroom Discussions, Group Work, Quick Writes, Essays, assessments



    • 60% Summative-Major or summative assessments are defined as tests, projects, etc
    • 40% Formative-Minor or formative assessments are defined as quizzes, daily grades, homework, etc


    Classroom Supplies

    • Loose-leaf paper
    • Spiral
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Map pencils
    • Folder to collect test notes and assignments for test preparation for a semester


    Late or missing assignments

    • Late work: will be accepted for 5 days following the due date. Each class day the assignment is not turned in will result in a loss of 20 points per day. Any work turned in after the Deadline Date will not be accepted.
    • Absences: If a student is absent, the student has two days to complete any missing work from the absence but work due during the absence is due immediately when the student returns to class. If students miss a test, they have one week to make up the test, either before or after school.


    Operation Start on Time

    Students who are not wearing their ID, out of dress code or are not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings, will be sent to the sweep station for an infraction.


    Reassessment Policy

    • Reassessment is mandatory for summative assessments with a mastery percentage of less than 70, but a student receiving less than a score of 85 has the opportunity to reassess for any reason. Reassessment must be done within one week of receiving the score on the summative and must be done in conjunction with test corrections, completing all missing work, and tutoring.



    • As students enter the classroom, it is expected that they get their supplies ready, have homework ready to turn in and begin on the assignment posted. If a student needs materials such as paper, pen or pencil- they may borrow from another student or from the classroom supply bin.
    • The agenda for the day will list any activities and what will be assigned for homework. The posted calendar will have both short term and long term assignments listed with due dates.
    • Assignments are due at the beginning of class, when called for by the teacher. If the assignment is turned in later in class or during the day, it will be considered late.
    • Graded work will be passed back to students at least once a week.
    • If there is a question about a grade, either on an assignment or overall status, the student will need meet with me either before or after school. This will limit disruptions to the classroom and allow privacy to discuss any issues.
    • Class will be dismissed once all materials, trash, desks and chairs are cleaned up.
    • Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom for the first 10 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class. This is a school expectation and allows for instruction and follow up being uninterrupted and therefore improving learning.


    I will send out e-mails with course information such as upcoming tests, study guides and major assignments. I hope to partner with you for the success of your child and keep you informed, so that you can help your student stay on top of assignments and deadlines. Tutoring Tuesdays-Thursdays after school until 2:50 PM.

    My email is ryan.croy@humbleisd.net Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. Please access my teacher webpage.

World History