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AMS Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • The purpose of the AMS PAC is to serve our students, families, and staff/faculty, by giving an equal voice when providing opportunities for involvement.  We strive to extend learning beyond the walls of the school, where everyone is encouraged to help create a partnership, engaging and empowering all to advocate for our children and provide a platform to share ideas.  We seek to recognize, celebrate, and highlight individuals/groups for the hard work that contributes to making our campus a success.

Launched in 2018 - 2019! What's to be excited about...

  • What’s to be excited about with a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)!!!

    With a new vision “Learning is Personal” comes a shift to a new parent organization!!!

    - You work directly with AMS staff -- Principal, Building Principal, Teachers -- instead of another organization.

    - No $10 membership dues! Free membership to all who AMS parents!

    - Equal voice among parents, students, and staff on the new PAC Board.  Providing leadership opportunities to students in shaping the AMS future.

    - Expanded variety of opportunities to volunteer at AMS! You volunteer as much or as little as you choose. Make a commitment to volunteer at home or at school for small or big allotments of time.

Last Modified on March 4, 2019