Ms. Gere's

    First Grade Class!


    Thank you for being a partner in your student's growth as we embark


    on this journey of distance learning together!

  • LET'S


    I look forward to staying connected during our journey with distance learning through April 10th! 


    Please feel free to contact me via email, Google Voice or ClassDojo with any questions or concerns.

    • Please check ClassDojo daily. 
    • We will be using Zoom to hold morning meetings Monday-Friday at 9:00 a.m.  A breif synopsis of our informational meeting is available on ClassDojo.
    • I will send a link each evening on ClassDojo to meet the next morning at 9:00 on Zoom.
    • I am available to communicate during my distance learning conference time. 


    Distance Learning Conference Times

    Monday-Friday 10:50-11:40


    Distance Learning Contact Information

    Email Address


    Distance Learning Google Voice Phone Number

    (936) 228-9257


    For distance learning, we will also communicate using Classroom Dojo.