• Jessica Jalbert Fennie

    Welcome to Geometry!


  • My name is Jessica Fennie, formerly Jessica Jalbert, and I have the pleasure of being your Geometry teacher! This is my 3rd year teaching in this district, 1 year at the Creek and 1 year at Humble High School, and I am so happy to be back home at Summer Creek High School! Working in my hometown district was extremely important to me, (I graduated from Kingwood High School), and my main goal is to give you the tools to be successful once you graduate and become a member of society. Now while my job description states that the goal is to teach you Geometry, it is my personal belief that it is also my responsibility to help you be successful in every facet of your life. I hope through my class you not only learn mathematics, but also study skills, note taking skills, accountability, collaboration, and responsibility for your learning. That last one is extremely important! I will give you all of the tools you will need to be successful in my class, but you have to choose to use them! 

    I have never met someone who hates math, that understands math! And in order to understand math, you must take your education into your own hands. I truly believe that everyone has the ability to understand math, some students may take longer than others, and that is okay! You cannot fail as long as you keep trying! 

    It's going to be a fun year! 

  • Day at a Glance: 

    1st Period: Conference

    2nd Period: Level Geometry

    3rd Period: Level Geometry

    4th Period: Level Geometry

    5th Period: Level Geometry

    6th Period: Pre-AP Geometry

    7th Period: Pre-AP Geometry


    I generally reserve my calender for quizzes, tests, and projects, so please check there to see what is coming up!


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  • Tutorials:


    Tuesday: 2 pm - 2:50 pm

    Wednesday: 2 pm - 2:50 pm

    Thursday: 2 pm - 2:50 pm