Welcome to the Attendance Office


Report an Absence

Pick up/ Check out Information

    • Please be prepared to present a picture ID upon EVERY visit.
    • When leaving early, please return with an excuse from the doctor's office or a parent note.
    • Students are not permitted to leave the building without being signed out by either a parent, legal guardian, or any other parties listed as an EMERGENCY CONTACT on the student's information sheet.

    ** No students will be released after 3:30pm **

Did You Know...?

    • In order for an absence to be changed from unexcused to excused, documentation must be provided to the school attendance office within 48 hours from when the student returns to school. After 48 hours, the absence will remain unexcused, unless approved by a campus administrator.
    • 3 or more consecutive absences for illness will require a doctor's note to excuse.
    • There is a limit of 5 Parent Notes per Semester for a student to "excuse" absences.
    • You can keep track of your son/daughter's attendance and grades by signing in to the Home Access Center (HAC). If you have not yet set up a HAC account, you can do so at that time.



  • Humble ISD believes that attendance is a crucial factor in student achievement. Thus, any absence from school represents an educational loss to the student.  All students must adhere to compulsory attendance laws and are required to attend classes or engage in online learning at least 90% of the days a class is offered.  Failure to meet these requirements may result in truancy procedures and/or loss of course credit. 

      • Following an absence, a parent/guardian must contact the attendance office within 48 hours of the student's return to school. Absences can be reported by:
        • Online Absence Excuse Form
        • Parent Email to Attendance Office
        • Parent Note Returned with Student
        • Fax Parent Note to Attendance Office
        • Parent Phone Call to Attendance Office
      • Information to include:
        • Student's first and last name, ID#, grade
        • Date(s) of absence
        • Detailed reason for absence
        • Parent name, phone number, email address

      • Five days of absences may be excused by parent notifications (online absence form, email, note, phone call, and/or fax) per semester. Beyond that, medical or other official documentation may be required in order for an absence to be excused.

      • Doctor’s Visit: If a student is present any part of a school day in which a doctor’s visit occurred, the student will not be marked absent if the medical documentation is submitted to the attendance office upon the student’s return.

      • Always turn in ALL doctor, court, college notes as this does affect the coding of the absence.