Bus and Car Rider Traffic Flow

Car and Bus Traffic Flow
    • Student early drop off is in the back by the gym before 7:50
      At 7:50 the car rider drop off line in the morning is only 1 LANE in the front of the school; however, due to population sizes this year the loop will be 2 LANES that merge to 1 LANE in front of the school.
      • Please do not go around others and cut others off, yeild to others and be kind.
    • Pull up to the farthest point (denoted by the sign "Pull up to here")
      • Once the lead car arrives at the sign, ALL CARS that are behind it (all the way back to the start of the awning) unload your student as quickly as possible
    • PM car rider line is 2 lanes and then will merge to 1 lane
      • Please encourage your child to load as far forward in the line as possible to not cause backups.
        Once your child is loaded, you can go to the second lane and exit around other cars carefully,
    • Please always exit the parking lot to the right on Medera run AM and PM

    Please do not pick up or drop off your child in front of the Groves, the Insperity Complex, nor on the street. This is very dangerous


    Drop off time: 

    7:30 AM the South or Back end commons area will be open for early drop off.Commons

    7:50 AM car rider drop off will be open


    Pick up time:

    Dismissal is at 4:00 PM.  

    Car Rider Pick up will be from the North or Front of the Building at 4:00 PM.  Cars will double stack (two lanes) until the reach the front of the school and form a single lane for pickup.  Please be courtious and allow each person a turn to merge at the cone.   Car Rider Line








    Busses will roll from the South or Back of the Building by 4:10 PM.


    Please note the communication from our neighborhood association about parking on the streets:


    Dear Groves Residents,


    In an effort to make The Groves the best it can be, it never hurts to have a few friendly reminders on neighborhood etiquette and Association rules. Here are some friendly reminders regarding parking within the community.  


    • The streets within the community are County maintained roads, and are subject to Texas Transportation Code which is enforced by the Harris County Constable and Sheriff’s Departments. The relevant information concerning parking is located under section 545.301 (Stopping, Standing & Parking).
    • Parked or unoccupied vehicles that block a sidewalk, crosswalk, or intersection are prohibited, and the owner of the vehicle is subject to receiving a citation.
    • Parked or unoccupied vehicles that block a public or private driveway are not allowed.
    • If you stop or park on a two-way roadway you must have the right-hand wheels of the vehicle parallel to and within 18 inches of, the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway (i.e. with the flow of traffic).
    • While there are times when it may be necessary to legally park in front of a neighbor's home, we ask that you please limit these incidents as a courtesy to your neighbors.
    • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked in public view. If your vehicle does not fit inside of your garage, you will need to make other parking arrangements to comply with the community rules.
    • Vehicles with flat tires, do not display a valid registration sticker, or have not moved in over a period of 48 hours are considered “inoperable” and are subject to fines. 


    Thank you for helping make The Groves a safe and beautiful place to live!



    Thank you,

    DeAnne Cox

    Community Manager, The Groves