Contact Information


    Kristy Chapuseaux


    Kristy Chapuseaux

    Special Education ALT

    Office: 1001


    Phone: 281-641-7093

About Me

  • Who Am I?

    I am a wife, mother, and educator.  I have been married for 14 years to my high school sweetheart.  I have a beautiful daughter named Alexis, who I love more than anything else in this world.  My family is the most important thing to me.  I like to think of them as the glue that keeps me together!
    I have been a Special Education educator for 11 years.  I began my teaching career in Humble ISD 11 years ago.   I have had the opportunity to gain lots of experience as my time as a teacher.  I have taught all instructional settings from co-teach to self-contained classrooms, and I am now fortunate to support special education and general education teachers at Kingwood High School.   


    My Learning Style 

    According to a learning style inventory assessment, I am a visual learner.  Some strategies that assist me with learning are:
    -Using visual association, visual imagery, written repetition, flash cards, and clustering strategies to improve memory
    -Organizing work and living space to avoid distractions
    -Using neatly organized or typed material
    -Participating actively in class or group activities

    I am also a global thinker.  Characteristics of a global thinker are:
    -Responding well to pictures
    -Speaking with many gestures
    ​-Needing lessons which are interesting to them on a personal level 

Philosophy of Education

  • ​I believe that all students are capable of learning no matter what the circumstances and must have a conducive learning environment to succeed.  I believe each student can achieve their highest potential if the expectations are set and remain high.  It is my obligation as an educator to promote positive learning experiences and provide opportunities that enable students to take ownership of his or her learning.  It is my desire to build trusting relationships with students in order for them to feel confident and comfortable with me as their teacher.  I believe that students need to know that I genuinely care for them. My thought is that this lays the foundation for student success.