West Lake Middle School will utilize Schoology and online curriculum. Students may bring their own devices to use during class time. We recommend a Chromebook, not a cell phone.  Students are responsible for the security and safety of the devices they bring.  We will be using Google Drive platform combined with Schoology.

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    School Supply Update for 2020-2021: If you preordered your school supplies from EduKit, they will either be delivered to your student on the first day of school, or online-only students will be given a time to come pick them up soon. Our school supply list is linked below. Due to the current situation we would like to limit the supplies that students share. The only supplies that will be collected by the teachers are facial tissue, paper towels, white drawing paper, and hand sanitizer. All other supplies will be carried by the student for their personal use when needed or kept at for when your student needs them to be replenished. If your child is coming to school for face-to-face instruction, please make sure they have their supplies each day they are here, especially pencils. If they have a personal chromebook or laptop, that would also cut down on the shared supplies.


    School Supply List 2020-2021

    Recomended Back Pack items:

    Everything that is recomended in the school supply list does not have to be carried everyday. 

    Below is what we recomend for your back pack: Back Pack

    • Chromebook (optional) weight: 2.75lbs
    • Pencil pouch:
      • Writing utensils (pencils and pens), scissors, map pencils, glue, highlighters... Weight:.2 lb
    • Paper.... weight:.8 lb
    • 2 Composition books - Science, RELA....weight. .25 lbs
      • SS and Math are digital

    TOTAL WEIGHT: 4lbs



    • Athletics/gym bag (Could be a separate bag) could add 1lb
    • Dance bag (Could be a separate bag)
    • Band instrument (can be left in band hall during the day)
    • Other elective supplies?
      • Check with teachers on what needs to be brought for the day...this may add a little wieght for a particular day
    • Book for RELA - (recommending a digital kindle copy)
    • Lunch box: could add 2lbs
    • Water Bottle: could add 1lbsBP Wieght

    TOTAL WEIGHT with optional items: 8.8lbs

    NOTE: students only have to carry the backpack between classes, 5 min at a time.