• Amy Medefesser
    West Lake Middle School
    Art Instructor


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    Mrs. Medefesser's Personal Profile

    Our studio is a place for skill development, experimentation, and expression. As your teacher and mentor, I’ll share with you everything I know about skills and composition. Because this is your studio, too, I expect that you will explore, develop techniques of your own, express your own ideas, voice your opinions with respect, and share what you learn with your fellow artists. Just like any other discipline, art requires a blend of original ideas, spontaneity, and plenty of hard work. Dedicate yourself to practicing your craft as often as possible!

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Amy Medefesser Art Instructor
  • Visual Arts Studio Schedule:

    Semester 1:

    Period 1: Beginning Art 6th
    Period 2: Intermediate Art
    Period 4: Beginning Art 7th
    Period 5: Advanced Art
    Period 6: Beginning Art 7th
    Period 7: Beginning Art 6th

    Semester II:

    Period 1: Intermediate Art
    Period 2: Beginning Art 7th
    Period 4: Beginning Art 6th
    Period 5: Advanced Art
    Period 6: Beginning Art 6th
    Period 7: Beginning Art 7th

    Tutoring Schedule: Tuesday, 7:50-8:30

    Conference Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10:34-11:26; 

                                        Wednesday 10:07-11:39