• Jon Pohla

    6th-8th Grade Math Strategies

    Room: B113

    Contact: Email is the best way to get in touch with me

    Schedule: For in-person instruction only, otherwise see virtual schedule below
    1st Period - 8:30-9:19 - Math Strategies
    2nd Period - 9:24-10:13 - Math Strategies
    3rd Period - 10:18-11:07 - Math Strategies
    4th Period - 11:12-1:19 - Confernce, lunch, lunch duty

          A lunch - 11:07-11:37 (B-hall classes, 100 Commons, E123)

          B lunch - 11:41-12:11 (C-hall classes, except C100)

          C lunch - 12:15-12:45 (D-hall classes)

          D lunch - 12:49-1:19 (C100, F104, G-hall classes, H-hall classes)

    5th Period - 1:24-2:13 - Math Strategies
    6th Period - 2:18-3:07 - Math Strategies
    7th Period - 3:12-4:01 - Math Strategies

    Tutorials: Thursday, 7:50-8:20, 4:05-4:35 (or by arranging a different day/time)

                    Wednesday, 4:10-5:15 with Mr. Kollister in my classroom, B113

    Conference time: 11:15-11:45 (or by appointment)

    Twitter: @WLMS_Pohla

    Schoology: Click here

    Math Strategies syllabus: Click here

    Welcome slides: Click here

    Electronics and Technology survey: Click here

    Parent contact and information form: Click here

    Learning In-person (Synchronous) and Virtual (Asynchronous) schedule and other information: Click here



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