• Centennial Celebration

    History Website

    As part of the district's Centennial Celebration, a website was created to provided details of the district's history.  Work on the website was a serious undertaking, involving research in many areas.  Frequently, this involved searching for data that the district no longer had in its possession. 

    It was decided that the website would be a central repository for historical information on the Schools and Buildings, School Board Members, Superintendents, District Administration, Teacher of the Year winners, a chronological listing of historical events pertaining to the district's development, number of graduates each year, organizations related to the district, and much, much more.

    The sections of the website are as follows:

    • Centennial - everything about the Centennial Celebration, including planning, events, pictures, etc.
    • History - information about the overall history of the district
    • Schools/Buildings - information about the individual schools & buildings throughout the district's history.
    • School Board - listing of every member that has served on the School Board since 1884, including biographical information and pictures.
    • Faculty/Staff - information on Superintendents, District Administrators, Teachers of the Year, and much more.
    • Newsroom - News, General Trivia, other organizations, etc.

    Work on the website began in early 2016.  It involved gathering the data, building the pages, and creating an organized structure to the site. The goal was to have the website ready for release in April 2018, and to have any remaining pages completed by June 2018. 

    Students, staff and community members are invited to email the webmaster when items need to be added or corrected. 

    • Please let us know of any typos or grammatical errors you run across
    • If you have information that can be added to the site, please contact us & let us know what it is
    • If there is any additional information you would like added to the site, let us know and we will look at the feasibility of adding that information