Welcome to the Horticulture Club (a fancy term for Garden Club!).  Nothing tastes better than a vegetable you've grown yourself!  Or if you're not into vegetables, maybe you'd like to grown flowers....some flowers mix very well with the garden.  Marigolds are nature's pesticide, and some flowers are even edible!  Here are a few reasons kids should have a garden -

    •  It teaches patience.  After planting a seed, it takes a couple of weeks before the seed germinates.  Patience....
    •  It teaches responsibility.  After planting, the garden needs watering a couple of times a week, or more if it's really hot.  We don't want to let our plants die after we've waited on it to germinate!
    • It’s peaceful. Weeding and watering may be a chore, a responsibility, but it's relaxing, just watering....I like to talk to my plants.  I provide a little more carbon dioxide and in return, my plant provides a little more oxygen.
    •  It’s a learning experience.  It's science without books!  Growing cycles, photosynthesis, plant parts, propagation, and so much more, without feeling like school!
    • It’s fun!  Watching that tomato plant bloom, fruit forming, and tomatoes ripening....and then getting to pick and eat that tomato!  Your very own tomato! 


    I want to get started as soon as school starts, planting seeds and then transferring our seedlings to our bucket garden!  I've included some pictures that just might make you hungry for that tomato or maybe strawberries....




    We may even try our hand at hydroponics!  Growing plants in a soilless medium and providing nutrients in the watering system.  Here's a picture of a set up -



                                                                                       - and a large operation, but don't those tomatoes look yummy!


    See you when school starts!


    Debbie Clark

    Science/Special Education

    Horticulture Club Sponsor