• Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics!


    Ms. Caballero

                                      Room 219Ms. Caballero




    Contact Information

    Phone: (281) 641-5246

    Email: adelina.caballero@humbleisd.net

  • My Class Schedule

    1st Period: 6th Grade On-Level

    2nd Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    3rd Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    4th Period: 6th Grade On-Level

    5th Period: Planning/Conference

    6th Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    7th Period: 6th Grade On-Level

  • Tutoring Schedule & Reminders

    Morning: Students must have a parent or teacher note with their name, the date they are attending tutorials, the teacher they are attending tutorials for, and a parent or teacher signature in order to be permitted to enter the hallways.

    Afternoon: Students do not need a note. They must go directly to the teacher they are going to tutorials for as soon as school is released. Students must have a ride available to pick them up when tutorials is over. Transportation is not provided by the school.