• Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics!


    Ms. Caballero

    Room 219

     Ms. Caballero



    Contact Information

    Phone: (281) 641-5246

    Email: adelina.caballero@humbleisd.net





    My Class Schedule


    1st Period: 6th Grade On-Level

    2nd Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    3rd Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    4th Period: 6th Grade On-Level

    5th Period: Planning/Conference

    6th Period: 6th Grade Pre-AP

    7th Period: 6th Grade On-Level


  • Tutoring Schedule & Reminders

    Morning: Students must have a teacher pass in order to attend morning tutorials. Students must request a pass the day before they plan to attend a morning tutorial session. Students must arrive to morning tutorials by 7:55 AM to have plenty of time to accomplish what they need to work on.

    Afternoon: Students do not need a pass. They will go directly to their tutorial session as soon as 7th period ends. If students forget about tutorials and leave the building, they will not be allowed back in. Students must have a ride available to pick them up by 4:35 PM. Transportation is not provided by the school after tutorials.


    **Students are encouraged to attend tutoring sessions with any 6th grade math teacher.