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    Lakeland Elementary students learn a variety of art techniques, refine their fine motor skills, create art that express their individuality,


    and enhance their critical thinking abilities. 

    Art is critical to supporting our kindness, creativity, and gentle wisdom.


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    Dear Lakeland Friends & Families,


    How wonderful it has been to have time with each of you this new school year.  Our art room is hosting lots of creative and beautiful artwork!  We are working on our Agrictultural and Native and Immigrant American Units.  Fun!


    We are very lucky to have the opportunity to educate ourselves, and also have a new building.  WOW! 


    Please to continue keep an attitude of gratitude and hard work.  You can do it and I am very exited to see you soon!

    Keep creating,

    Mrs. Kelly (aka Ms. Bear)


    Email: peggy.bear@humbleisd.net 


    E/4- Above-average and consistant work, behavior leadership, few errors, thoughtful, and detailed work, excellent craftmanship, unique art

    S/3- Grade-level work, expected and average behavior choices, thoughtful and detailed work, average craftmanship, unique art

    N/2- Below average behavior choices and/or hurried and poor work, poor craftmanship

    U/1- Poor behavior choices and/or incomplete and missing work


    Art is graded with conduct scores for ability and participation as directed by the state of Texas Education Department.




    western art

    Humble ISD is currently setting up a Citizen's Bond Advisory Committee that will shape the direction of the upcoming Bond proposal.
    It is imperative that the fine arts programs of Humble ISD have strong supportive voices on this committee.
    Parents, please consider signing up and be a voice for all Humble ISD students.