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      Our students learn art techniques and skills that they can use to express their individuality, creativity, and enhance their critical thinking abilities.


     Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

    I hope this finds you safe and well.  Please email me if you notice a discrepencey with your child's grade.  I am happy to audit my records and correct for the final report card.

    The rest of this 2020-2021 year will be standard grading.

    Keep creating,

     Ms. Bear

    Image result for sitting dog line art | Dog line drawing, Dog clip art, Dog  line       Education is a boat that lets you sail anywhere!  What an honor it is to be an educator. ~Ms. Bear  

    Share your artwork: 

    Email: peggy.bear@humbleisd.net


    E- Above average behavior choices, thoughtful and detailed work, excellent craftmanship, unique art

    S- Average behavior choices, thoughtful and detailed work, average craftmanship, unique art

    N- Below average behavior choices and/or hurried and poor work, poor craftmanship

    U- Poor behavior choices and/or incomplete and missing work


    Art is graded with conduct scores for ability and participation as directed by the state of Texas Education Department.

     seesaw Please complete artwork and submit it to Seesaw. 





    At home:                                


    • Create an art station/bin/bag.  Keep it neat and ready to use.

     Use correct handgrip on all tools and sit in correct posture. 

    • Use good craftsmanship, go with the mistakes, and enjoy the process of creating something only you can do!

     On the back: Lightly sign your name, give it a title, and date your work.

    • Clean up, tend to your tools, and share your artwork!