• New Semester = REnew classroom expectations and syllabus. New "contract" given to students 1/8/19 for teachers, students, and parents to sign. 

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  • Acess to Google Classroom HERE (level code mi9fm) and HERE (Pre IB code hq9dm5)


    Required Materials:

    Math spiral notebook (graded)

    Personal Expo Marker

    Personal 6 color highlighter set

    Paper for practice problems

    Pencil with Eraser


    2nd Semester Outline Schedule:


    Triangle Similarity/Proportions 

    Pythagorean Theorem 

    Trig Ratios/Inverse Trig Ratios  

    Special Right Triangles

    Polygon Angles

    Arc Length and Sector Area



Elizabeth Reed

Schedule & Tutoring

  • Schedule:

    1: Geometry
    2: Geometry
    3: Geometry
    4: Conference
    5: Geometry
    6: Geometry Pre-IB
    7: Geometry

    Tue& Wed 3:05-4:10