• As educators we will work together through these unique times to serve and educate the students and families of our community. Our goal is to keep an open line of communication and provide the best educational experience we possibly can. Please feel free to contact me by email anytime.  

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    Meet the Teacher -

    Meet the Teacher

    4th year teacher (3rd at Humble High)

    World Geography Team Lead

    Basketball and Track & Field Coach

    B.A. Concordia University Austin, TX

    Teaching Certifications:
    6-12 Composite Social Studies

    Phone: 281-641-6300
    Email: Dwebber@humbleisd.net
    Room: 1203
    Subject: World Geography

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    During these rapidily changing times we will do our best to keep families informed of what is going on. Currently I am available Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm through email. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I post weekly class overviews, updates, and assignments in my Google classroom. I have placed the code for each class period in parenthesis below.

    1st Period- Conference
    2nd Period(zr5vq6o)- World Geography
    3rd Period(wselk4t)- World Geography
    4th Period(grlflen)- World Geography
    5th Period(opnkfl6)- Basketball
    6th Period(7lms2gv)- World Geography
    7th Period(fzmcsvt)- World Geography

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