• Ms. Smith

    I am a resourceful and imaginative teaching professional trained in wide array of artistic mediums. I have a passion for instilling art appreciation and promoting creativity in an urban and diverse setting. My agenda is to render my knowledge, experience, and expertise in all aspects. I utilize organizational management, policy making, and proper molding of students in terms of teaching them the principles of life as well as art to accomplish these endeavors.

    Subject: Art/ Drawing 2-4

    Room: 8171

    Phone: 281-641-6300

    Email: zakilya.smith@humbleisd.net 



Schedule and Tutoring

  • Tutoring: Wednesday 3:05 - 4:30 pm



    1st: Art 1

    2nd: Conference Period

    3rd : Drawing 2

    4th : Drawing 2

    5th: Art 1

    6th:  Drawing 3 - 4

    7th: Art 1