• Mrs. Burghard


    Phone: 281-641-7589

    Email: Victoria.Burghard@humbleisd.net

    Room #: 1917

    Subjects: Art 1 General, Sculpture 2, 3, & 4

    Period 1: Art 1
    Period 2: Art 1
    Period 3: Art 1
    Period 4: Art 1
    Period 5: Art 1 
    Period 6: Conference 
    Period 7: Sculpture 2,3,& 4


    Tutoring Times


    6:45-7:15 am



    6:45-7:15 am





    Art Club: Wednesday 2:55-3:45 pm in room 1917

Photo of Mrs. Burghard & her Husband swimming with stingrays.
  • So, I recently recieved an email from Scholastic saying that they will be sponsoring a free cartooning workshop for students from 7th grade up to 12th grade. This will be a workshop going over how to create editorial cartoons, and how you can create a story or send a message through a single image. 

    I strongly suggest that those interested register and take this class. It will be hosted by a professional cartoonist, and student will be given the supplies and opprotunities to create their own pieces of art.

    I have embedded a link in this post for you. Click the link and it will take you straight to registration for the event. 


    Time/Place: The class will take place on October 18th, from 4-6pm, at the Harris County Department of Education.

    Here is the address: 6300 Irvington Blvd. Houston TX, 7702



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