Chelsea White

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period: Sculpture 2,3,4

    2nd Period: Art 1

    3rd Period: Conference

    4th Period: Sculpture 2,3,4

    5th Period: Art 1 

    6th Period: Art 1 

    7th Period: Art 1 



Office Hours/ Tutorials


    In School Tutorials:

    Wednesday: 6:45am-7:20am

    Thursday: 2:52pm-3:30pm

Contact Info

  • Phone: 281-641-7589


    Room #: 1917


Ms. White

Ms. C White
  • Classroom Expectations:

    Be respectful to your peers, your self and your teachers.

    Come to class with an open mind and heart. 

    Be prepared.


    Classroom Policies: 

    Attendance: In-Class student attendance will be tracked as it always has been before Covid-19. Virtual Student attendance will be tracked by the student's participation in Schoology. Each day your student should log onto Schoology and participate in class by completing their required daily assignment. Students will have until 12am each day to complete their daily assignment (which could be submitting a process photo of their drawing, doing a survey, completing a quiz, etc..) and if their daily assignment is not done before the deadline they will be marked as absent for the day. 

    Engagement within the LMS: Schoology is our LMS at Atascocita High School. For all my students I will be posing lessons, videos, and other supplumental materials within their respective schoology classrooms. Students need to be checking for assignments and announcements on Schoology daily. Students also need to be actively responding to any daily assignments/surveys/quizes that are posted to track student attendance. 

    Grading Policy: AHS Art classes follow the district defined grading policy. Our grades are weighted 60/40 (summative/formative) and our late grade policy dictates that each day a student's assignment is late 20 points will be subtracted from the over all grade. 

    This photo explains Humble ISD's grading policy.

     Work Submission: 

    In-Class: For the first two weeks of school all In-Class student work will be submitted through Schoology. Once students are back in my classroom they will turn in their projects directly to me.

    Virtual Students: All work will be submitted to your Schoology classroom. To turn in art work you will need to take photos of your work and then upload those files into their assignments on Schoology. Please, please, please make sure you are taking good photos with good lighting. I will post a short how to and example photos in Schoology on this subject.